How to use the Chat?
Press ENTER, type in your text and press ENTER again to sent it.

How can I post coordinates to the chat?
Press the Page Down key on your keyboard and the coordinates where your mouse cursor is currently will be posted into the chat

How to right click on a mac?
Press Ctrl key while clicking with the mouse

Why do I have more base points than bases
Conquest trucks also give you base points.

How to get gold in the game?
Build 10 muro amoured cars and you will get 1 gold. They can only be build with the home base and are not buildable via building queue.

How can I increase my storage size?
The more factories on the map the larger the storage on the map. Conquer more bases to build more factories to have more storage. Concrete factories increase the concrete storage maximum, steelworks increase the steel storage, etc.
Warehouses also can increase your storage (not buildable with the homebase) | Strategy Combat | Real Time Strategy Game | (C) DITOGAMES | Impressum