In the Game Strategy Combat you will experience different ages. You can build military technologies from 1910 to 1969, which will be gradually unlocked. You will be notified about new technologies that are available in-game (but only on the home map)

The pace when new technologies are unlocked is getting slower, e.g. the 1910s will past very quickly, but the 1960s will past very slowly.

Each map has its own time, which is constantly advancing.
Therefore, technologies that are too modern for a map cannot be transported by highway.
Example: Map11 is in the year 1950 and Map123 is in 1925. You cannot sent a vehicle that can only be built from 1926 on to Map123. You have to wait until Map123 has unlocked this technology.
Conversely, a vehicle from 1920 can enter a map where the year is 1965.

Technologies over 30 years old can no longer be built. (Exceptions: Mors + Conquest Vehicle I + Conquest Ship + Locomotive)
Example: If Map1234 is in the Year 1965, no units from 1935 or earlier can be built on Map1234.
However, old technologies can be sent in by highway.

New maps will start in the 1910s.

The most modern year a map can reach is the year 1969.

Please note: Strategy Combat is a new game. Some of these rules will be adjusted | Strategy Combat | Real Time Strategy Game | (C) DITOGAMES | Impressum